Rural house at the heart of the Gavarres

"Can Font de Muntanya is a place of peace and quiet in the middle of the Gavarres massif"


Welcome to Can Font de Muntanya

Can Font de Muntanya is a place of peace and quiet in the middle of the Gavarres massif, located in the town of Cruïlles in the Baix Empordà. Located about 250 meters above sea level, it is the ideal environment to feel at one with yourself, disconnected from your everyday activities, while still having the comforts that facilitate daily life.

Can Font de Muntanya emerged 5 years ago after moving to live in this environment with our family: Judith, Gina, Pol, Laura and Marc. From the first moment we were guided to this environment we began to give life again to this space, where for many centuries agriculture had been practiced.

Little by little we have created an ecological garden, a corral for chickens and we have begun adopting animals that their owners cannot maintain properly. Currently we have Xiu (horse), Tina and César (donkeys) and two ponies. We are also accompanied on this adventure by Kor and Kira (two affectionate and cuddly Rottweilers),and the leader of the group Duna (a beagle) and Blanquell, Gigi and Xispa (cats) who roam the groundsfreely and welcome all our friends.

Hector can also be found within the grounds, without who it would be impossible to take care of the environment, the animals and the garden. And also Pilar, who helps us with domestic chores. We all make a great team and make it possible to enjoy the surroundings of Can Font de Muntanya.

Within the grounds of Can Font de Muntanya there are two houses: one in which we live permanently and the other (totally independent) is the one we share with the people who come to visit us. We have a pool area which the two houses share. Although the pool is available for bathing all year round, it is not heated, and is treated with salt using the osmotic process.

The pace of life in Can Font de Muntanya is slow, without haste. We live as I have mentioned before with all the necessary comforts, but we are totally self-sufficient in the production of electricity, water and heating.

We are not connected to any company. Electric energy is generated by capturing the energy of the sun, water through the 5 centuries-old wells that the farm has and heating by burning wood that we obtain from the forest cleaning. We also have a generator in case the weather does not accompany us at any time, having a full guarantee of the electricity supply and a gas tank.

As you know natural resources are scarce, therefore, we ask for a correct and efficient use of light, water and heating. Both nature and we ourselves would greatly appreciate it. We also have television and internet connection.

We hope to see you soon in Can Font de Muntanya.

Can Font de Muntanya

The house at Can Font de Muntanya is the old cottage reformed into housing. It consists of about 220 square meters built and has all the permits to rent and the corresponding certificate of occupancy.

The house is divided into two areas that are not connected, the kitchen, dining and living room area, and the sleeping area. In the dining room there is the only television on the property. No bedroom has television. We have WIFI throughout the property.


Sustainable house


Ecological garden




Vegetarian cuisine






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